StratLink Is Named The Best Economic Research Team In Kenya 2015

StratLink Is Named The Best Economic Research Team In Kenya 2015

Judges’ report

StratLink: Best Economic Research Team Kenya 2015

While Africa is definitely the place to be; where, what, and how remain often unanswered questions. Africa is above all vast and diverse. Opportunities may be plenty, but so are risks. To compound the conundrum, data remain scarce and, when available, incomplete. Still, the continent looks enticing to investors keen to break into pioneer markets.

WinnerBestEconomicResearchTeamKenya2015Whereas the developing world (excluding China) averages stable GDP growth of around 3%, Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) is expected to see economic activity expand by 5% in 2015. This trend will not only hold, but pick up pace as well in the years ahead. The World Bank anticipates sustained high growth for the region with limited downside potential.

Top notch research and vast reservoirs of detailed local knowledge are indispensable ingredients of any Africa-oriented investment portfolio. Both are provided by StratLink, a Kenya-based financial advisory company that sits between the region’s fast-growing middle market companies and investment bank, private equity firms, and family offices. As such, StratLink disseminates its knowledge and expertise to capital providers and businesses aiming for the next level in either size or operational excellence – or both.

StratLink conducts independent analysis on countries, sectors, markets, and individual companies. Thus the firm maps the macroeconomic environment, regulatory frameworks, political risk, and sectorial development. The findings are set against global trends, thereby offering investors an in-depth, up-to-date, and carefully balanced overview of opportunities and risks. StratLink’s unique approach ensures that investors and corporate decision makers at all times possess the reliable data needed to power and boost growth – be that of investment portfolios or business.

Besides its corporate headquarters in Nairobi, StratLink maintains offices in New York, Kuala Lumpur, and Kampala. StratLink professionals produce a monthly Africa Market Update besides regular Regional Roundups and a frequently updates online blog to keep investors abreast of the latest developments and trends.

Convinced that Africa is the next China, StratLink has positioned itself at the very epicentre of the momentous economic shift, already now in the making. By providing world class research and highly professional capital and corporate advisory services, StratLink operates at the cutting edge of one of the world’s most dynamic markets. The judging panel can feel the excitement. The judges wish to congratulate StratLink on winning the 2015 Best Economic Research Team Kenya Award.



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